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Xcential Legislative Technologies helps governments make digital laws and regulations. Their web-based software platform LegisPro allows governments to draft and manage mandates as data first. LegisPro is designed to replace legacy print-driven processes with connected information systems – saving you time and energy and making your drafting processes more efficient for users, and more transparent and accessible for the public.

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Version Control for Law: Tracking Changes in the U.S. Congress

When it comes to version control for legislative documents, the main questions to address are relatively straightforward. But it might surprise you to know that for many laws, particularly those that were recently changed, there is no current official version and no way to see a precise history of amendments over time. In the U.S. House of Representatives, Xcential has addressed these challenges.

Machine-Readable and Machine-Executable Legislation: A View of the Future, from the Island of Jersey

HData CEO Hudson Hollister interviewed Matthew Waddington and Heather Mason, who helps manage legislative drafting for the government of Jersey. The Bailiwick of Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy and British Crown Dependency. Jersey is one of the world’s largest offshore finance centers, with a per-capita gross product among the highest. In this article, you will find their explained vision for the future of machine-readable and machine-executable legislation to improve the work of Jersey’s legislators and better serve Jersey’s people. 

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