User experience in the legislative digital transformation




The digital transformation process in legislative houses is a complex proposition. In-person processes need to be reconsidered in order to adapt to the digital reality, always in compliance with the internal rules of the house and avoiding upsetting the internal balance of power.


An impactful digital transformation strategy is keenly aware of the demand of internal users in the houses, such as civil servants from other areas, such as the legislative process, members of parliament and of course people following the legislative process.


A successful digital transformation strategy relies deeply on the views of its users, both internally and externally, without personal wishes of the project manager suppressing these needs. It’s important to say that the solution needs to be adapted to the reality and demands of the House.


This debate, moderated by Luís Kimaid (Bússola Tech) about user experience in the legislative, will welcome as speakers: Patricia Roedel (Brazilian House of Representatives), Sari Wilenius (Suomen eduskunta | Finnish Parliament) and Robin Treistman (Knesset | Israel).

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