The Digitalisation and Integration of the Legislative Process

The digitalisation of the legislative process is the cornerstone of a digital transformation strategy and an enabler for the development of other digital solutions to better qualify the legislative activity. However, the modernisation of the legislative process is a complex endeavour, since this is a set of rules and traditions built by many hands, over many years. The digitalisation of the legislative process must be aware of these challenges, and yet bring more effectiveness to the legislative process, making it possible to develop other strategies to further improve transparency and participation policies in the lawmaking.


Our north star should be set on bringing more effectiveness for internal users, such as civil servants and members to better exert their activities, such as better advising members of parliament on important propositions and enabling a better legislative production.


In this debate, moderated by Luís Kimaid (Bússola Tech) and with the participation of Bruno Campelo (Câmara dos Deputados), Fotios Fitsilis (Hellenic Parliament), and Marci Harris (PopVox), Bússola Tech brings the discussion of how to properly digitalise and integrate the legislative process, giving successful examples that were already implemented, such as the Infoleg of the Brazilian House of Representatives, the Legidash from the Popvox and the Hellenic OCR Team.

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