Interparliamentary Cooperation for the Digital Transformation of the Legislative

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This debate will talk about the interparliamentary cooperation towards the legislative digital transformation. Civil servants and MPs have the ability to join technical and political regional and global networks of organisations that seek to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between legislative institutions.


For the promotion of the legislative digital transformation, these institutions can play an essential role in opening the way to the free flow of expertise and the experiences from their peers. There is absolutely no talk of innovation and digital transformation without the collaboration dimension.


That’s why Bússola Tech happily welcomes the debaters Mr. Jeffrey Onganga (from the Pan-African Parliament), Mr. Justin Wein (from the House Democracy Partnership), Mr. Ludovic Delepiné (from the EU Parliament and the ICT Governance Hub), Mrs. Mariane Barbieri (from the OECD) and Mr. Tim Hwang (from FiscalNote), under Luís Kimaid’s (from Bússola Tech) debate moderation.

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