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As nations steer into the digital age, the legislative branch stands as a cornerstone in ensuring that transformation is both inclusive and innovative. By becoming a donor, you play an instrumental role in shaping worldwide discussions centred on digital transformation within the legislative branch.


Embrace the opportunity to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and drive impactful change across borders.

What we promote

Our goal is to bring together leaders in the digital transformation ecosystem in the legislative and institutional modernization and propose activities that promote the exchange of experiences in the most pressing challenges for National and Subnational Houses around the globe.


Our conferences serve the purpose of instigating the discussion of relevant topics, as well as sharing the accomplishments of the legislative institutions in their modernisation efforts, and freely sharing them with other Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures.

How we do it

Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange

We develop a collaborative community of civil servants, Parliamentary Staff and Members of Parliament from different Legislatures with the participation of civil society organisations and the private sector

Cutting-edge experiences

We map cutting-edge experiences of digital transformation in Parliaments around the world.

Content of excellence

We build content with the most innovative legislative houses in the world in the area of digital

Why donating

Upcoming event: LegisTech Forum

Promote Legislative Modernization: Your contribution supports an initiative that aims to promote the exchange of knowledge to benefit the evolution of digital transformation in Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures, enabling these institutions to better serve their constituents in this digital age. 

Knowledge Sharing: By donating, you’re fueling a collaborative ecosystem where knowledge is disseminated and actionable solutions are identified.

Direct Participation: Donors will be granted access to the conference, allowing them a firsthand opportunity to witness the tangible impact of their contributions and engage in the proceedings.

Acknowledgment & Custom Insights: As a token of appreciation, donors will be acknowledged on a dedicated ‘Thank You’ page and will gain access to curated event highlights, allowing them to stay updated with the conference’s crucial takeaways.

Strengthen Democracy: The forum is timed during International Democracy Week, and your contribution amplifies the message of reinforcing democratic processes, especially in a time where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping democratic institutions.

Align with Values: By donating, you or your organization will be aligned with values of innovation, transparency, and collaboration, reflecting a commitment to fostering global progress in the legislative realm.

What your donation might cover

  1. Event technology costs 
  2. Content creation and curation
  3. Interactive Tools and Engagements
  4. Feedback and Analysis | Tools for post event

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Bússola Tech

Bússola Tech is a global organisation that works in the promotion of the institutional modernisation and digital transformation in the legislative ecosystem, through parliamentary diplomacy and cooperation. We act as a community builder, strengthening peer-to-peer collaboration, in Legislative Houses and Parliamentary organisations.