Sindilegis is the union organization representing the servants of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, the Brazilian Federal Senate, the Federal Court of Auditors of Brazil, the Department of Informatics and Data Processing (Prodasen) and the Special Department for Publishing (SEEP), the latter two linked to the Senate.

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Read the NSW Parliament Case Study

When NovaWorks first with The Parliament of New South Wales, they quickly learned the significant challenges their new client was facing. A vote in parliament meant four separate departments all recorded the same vote without talking to each other.


The legacy systems hadn’t been upgraded for 15 years, meaning engagement with citizens was manual and paper based. Votes were counted using a paper-based checkbox system, creating silos and silos of data, all stored in disparate systems. It was time to go online. 


Discover more details about the NSW Parliament Case Study through the button below. 

The Digital Parliamentary Solutions

Our eParliament solution has been adopted by parliaments around the globe. It’s our core application for parliament, and offers multiple modules that allow all staff and members to access services online, wherever they are in the world.


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What Is Next for Digital Transformation?

As the digital transformation and cloud migration project continues on, additional opportunities for innovation will emerge. IoT integrations, edge deployments, AI and new customer experiences are all unlocked as the foundation of the business is digitally transformed. But here, too, it would be impossible to accelerate from 0 to 100 instantly.


These advanced, revenue or efficiency-generating applications need to be added on to the roadmap for consideration and key transformation milestones, at which point the environment will be ready to accommodate them.


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