LegisTech Forum 2022: Rede de Governança Brasil was part of the world conference on digital transformation and institutional modernisation in the legislative in September

The 5-day, approximately 60-hour event attracted audiences from 63 countries; Francisco Xavier Soares Filho represented the Rede de Governança Brasil at a conference that is considered one of the most relevant in legislative modernisation and digital transformation in Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures.

Rede de Governança Brasil was one of the institutions to be part of the third edition of the LegisTech Forum, a world conference on digital transformation and institutional modernization in the legislature organized by Bússola Tech. The event, held between September 12 and 16, 2022, brought together representatives of National and Subnational Legislative Houses from 47 countries, during its 5 days of realization with activities entirely translated into Portuguese, English and Spanish simultaneously and with occasional translations into Indonesian, Mongolian and Ukrainian.
The international conference, with approximately 60 hours of activities, distributed between debates and case presentations from the Legislative Houses around the world, had the Rede de Governança Brasil as a partner of the event and among the 76 activities developed by the conference, had the participation of Francisco Xavier Soares Filho as a panelist, in the activity “the governance of digital transformation in the legislature”. Francisco also participated in the EnGITEC meeting, presented by the group’s president, Alzira Fernanda Oliveira, which featured several presentations from the community about its progress throughout the year.
During the conference week, other relevant topics were also addressed in the high-level interactions between the panelists, which brought reflections on the future of the modernisation of the legislative power in Brazil and in the World, such as: “Integration of Participation Tools in the Legislative”, “Artificial Intelligence Applied to Legislative Activities”, “Mobile Applications in the Legislative”, “Management of Legislative Documents” and “Modernisation of Legislative Drafting”, among others.
The 5-day conference brought together a diverse audience from 63 countries and consolidated itself as an exceptional opportunity that brought together the community engaged in the digital transformation and legislative modernisation agenda, in an environment that fostered a great exchange of experiences and fomenting fruitful conversations for the moment. present and future of legislative houses for its community, composed of parliamentarians, parliamentary staff, and public servants – such as secretaries-general, legislative counsels, directors of the areas of Technology (IT/ICTs) and legislative modernisation.
Through this moment of cooperation, the Houses were able to perceive similarities, complementarities and challenges that they can overcome through learning from other experiences. The event demonstrated that cooperation is one of the vital elements for everyone to advance in their institutional modernization efforts.