LegisTech Forum 2022: ParlAmericas was part of the world conference in digital transformation and institutional modernisation in the legislative

ParlAmericas participated and run its working session as part of the ParlAmericas Staff network on open parliament in one of the most relevant conferences around the globe to discuss the legislative modernisation and digital transformation in Parliaments

Last month, ParlAmericas participated of the “LegisTech Forum – 3rd edition”, conference organised by Bússola Tech held between 12th and 16th September 2022, which brought together representatives of National and Subnational Parliaments regarding digital transformation in the legislative and institutional modernisation. 
The event was segmented into debates and case presentations, with more than 76 activities simultaneously translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese and this third edition featured approximately 60 hours of programme regarding the agenda of digital transformation in the legislative and institutional modernisation. It addressed themes that reflected the present and the next steps of the modernisation of the legislative power in the world, as well as specialised topics, as information architecture and the standardisation of legislative data, discussions about how to phase-out legacy systems, the application of artificial intelligence in the legislative and so on. 
The conference served the purpose of instigating the discussion of relevant topics, as well as to share the accomplishments of the legislative institutions in their modernisation efforts, and freely sharing them with other Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures and reunite the community engaged and involved in the digital transformation in the legislative. 
During the event’s activities, ParlAmericas was represented by its director general, Alisha Todd – that discoursed about the importance of parliamentary diplomacy as a driver for legislative modernisation, Natalí Casanova-Burkholder (Project Manager – Open Parliament), Luis Rojas, General Coordinator of the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Staff Network on Open Parliament, Bernardo Gutiérrez, Regional Coordinator for South America of the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Staff Network on Open Parliament and Soufiane Ben Moussa, Regional Coordinator for North America of the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Staff Network on Open Parliament, that participated in a debate regarding how to transition legislative staff to the digital, with the Congressional Management Foundation (U.S.), Sindilegis – the Union that represents the civil servants of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, the Brazilian Federal Senate and the Federal Court of Auditors (Brazil) and the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil).
Furthermore, during the event, ParlAmericas held a working meeting that included case presentations and discussions on digital transformation and inclusiveness from over 15 countries within the region, with dozens of case presentations about digital transformation in the legislative houses in the Americas and the Caribbean, with interesting highlights of the experiences of the Houses in the last year. The meeting occurred during the September, 15th, the fourth day of the conference and which we commemorate the international day of democracy.
With the partnership of ParlAmericas, the event achieved its purpose of positive impact for legislatures, specially around the Americas and the Caribbean. The conference reunited an audience of 63 countries were brought together in this event of more than 70 activities in 5 days of conference. That week was a singular opportunity to bring together the community engaged in the digital transformation and legislative modernization agenda that could exchange knowledge with peers around the world.