Parliamentarism Day:
A LegisTech Conference

June, 30th

This is a historical moment of the utmost importance for legislatures around the globe that will define their modernisation for years to come.

The ecosystem must build channels of collaboration shortening the gap between legislatures and the private sector towards the exchange of technical expertise and access to cutting-edge technologies specifically designed to the legislative.

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Bússola Tech is promoting a high-level conference on the International Day of Parliamentarism, alongside Parliaments from many countries of the world. The event includes Interparliamentary organisations, private entrepreneurs and the academia.


This 8h conference will welcome civil servants from the legislative houses, specifically those handling the legislative process and the IT Sector, but also members in institutional leading positions, entrepreneurs and the academia.


The major goal is to build a new path of cooperation and collaboration between the most relevant players in the World for the legislative modernisation effort in the post-covid era.

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Institutional leadership in the modernisation process in the legislative

This opening panel will debate the political aspect of the modernisation effort in the legislative power.


Interparliamentary Cooperation for the Digital Transformation of the Legislative

Collaboration and cooperation are the key elements for a successful modernisation effort in a legislature, both national and subnational levels. In this debate, we will discuss the paths for interparliamentary cooperation for the exchange of the best practices in the modernisation of the legislative power.

The role of the civil service in the legislative modernisation

The technical staff in the legislative is of the utmost importance for its digital transformation strategy, alongside members and entrepreneurs. In this debate, we will debate the role of civil servants in legislatures and the ways to move forward in their qualification and motivation to promote the modernisation and digital transformation in the legislative.

Digital transformation strategies in legislative Houses:
The case of Women Leadership in civil service

A digital transformation strategy is the cornerstone for a legislature seeking to modernise its activities. The House must understand its challenges and seek ways to tackle them, either with in-house or outsourced solutions. We invited women in leadership positions from the civil service in different legislatures across the globe to talk about the elements of a successful digital transformation strategy.


Central European Summer Time | CEST  | UTC +2 

*participation upon approval 


Adrian Kelly

Manifest Coding Technologies Limited (ManCoTech)

Alexander Howard

The Digital Democracy Project

Ana Helena Pacheco

City Council of São Paulo

Antonio Anastasia

Brazilian Federal Senate 

Colleen Holder

Parliament of Trinidad Tobago

Fabio Almeida

Bússola Tech

Elaine Ford

Democracia Digital

Fotios Fitsilis

Hellenic Parliament / OCR Team 

Frieda Arenos

National Democratic Institute

Jeffrey Onganga

Pan-African Parliament

Justin Wein

House Democracy Partnership

Leonardo Barbosa

Brazilian Federal Senate

Luciano de Fázio


Ludovic Delepiné

EU Parliament 

Luís Kimaid

Bússola Tech 

Marci Harris

PopVox Inc. 

Marcelo Ramos

Brazilian House of Representatives

Mariane Piccinin Barbieri


Mark Stodder

Xcential Legislative Technologies 

Patricia Almeida

Brazilian House of Representatives

Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo

Política Viva

Sarah Fernn

Bússola Tech

Sean McGrath


Tim Hwang


Tracey Jessup

UK Parliament

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