LegisTech: Women in Leadership

Discussing the institutional modernisation and digital transformation through women leaders perspectives

March 8th and 9th | 2022

Washington, DC Time | 08:00 am

The Event

This conference seeks to discuss the institutional modernisation and the digital transformation in National, Devolved and Subnational legislatures, as well as Inter-parliamentary organisations and bring to light the remarkable work of women colleagues leading this process in their institutions.


The event will reunite different women specialists from the Legislative Houses, Private Sector and Civil Society Organisations over the world to discuss the digital transformation in the legislative

Audience and What you will experience

The audience of the conference is composed only by internal audiences from legislatures that will be able to deep dive in projets related to institutional modernisation and digital transformation in the legislative


Day 01

Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Trends in Parliaments - a digital perspective


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

First steps
for developing
a digital transformation strategy in the legislative


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

The advantages of a digital legislative process


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

How Akoma Ntoso is transforming legislative drafting?


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Making legislative information available


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Remote Deliberation in joint sessions


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

How to structure remote parliamentary offices for members?


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Comparing legislation platform - steps towards collaboration between Parliaments


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Steps for the modernisation of legislative drafting


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Drafting legislation in the era of AI and digitisation


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Day 02

Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

The future of the interface between Parliament and society


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

User experience in legislative solutions


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Case Presentation of the Colombian Senate


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Caucus on Evidence-Informed Oversight and Decision-Making


Washington, DC Time (UTC-5)

Strategic Partners


Supporting Partners

Participating Organisations

Brazilian Federal Senate / Senado Federal do Brasil

Brazilian House of Representatives / Câmara dos Deputados do Brasil

City Council of Buenos Aires / Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

City Council of Nova Friburgo

Congress of Chile / Congreso Nacional de Chile

Directorio Legislativo

Hellenic Parliament / Elliniko Kinovoulio

House of Commons of Canada / Chambre des communes du Canada

Knesset / Israeli Parliament

Senate of Colombia / Senado de Colombia

United Kingdom Parliament

Universitá di Bologna

Xcential Legislative Technologies

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