Legistech FOR

Bringing parliaments and innovative
ideas together during the Covid-19 pandemic

"In times of crisis,

Parliament must innovate and collaborate"

“For the first time in history” is usually the motto 

Parliaments used to describe the 

implementation of the remote deliberation systems.

That statement could not be closer to the truth. 

For the first time, Parliaments from different political 

systems and from different continents collaborated to 

bring its debates and deliberation to the on-line, helping 

to preserve democratic values and institutions in times of pandemic.

A Global Community

This initiative comes to strengthen a global community for the digital transformation of the legislative power.


Covid-19 pandemic showed that Legislative Houses can be the leaders of the digital transformation in the public sector, reshaping previous paradigms and helping the executive power to bring more effectiveness to the use of technology towards better public services deliverance.

LegisTech for Democracy

Bússola Tech is promoting a digital event on the International Day for Democracy in order to recognise the work from different houses and to share their expertise during this period of transformation in their legislative process.

For that purpose, around 20 Parliament Houses from different Countries will share how they implemented digital transformation projects that helped them to keep the legislative functioning.

For the first time in history such a large number of National Parliaments get together to discuss their digital transformation and share expertise with this new and thriving community

of public servants, parliamentarians,

and private entrepreneurs.

Parliaments Represented

The Parliament Houses listed below will present how they are using 

technology to keep Parliaments functioning in times of Covid-19.

- How We Do It -

LegisTech for Democracy is a Bússola Tech’s initiative that comes to strengthen

a global community for the digital transformation of the legislative power.

Initiatives Map

Mapping initiative of the cutting-edge experiences of digital transformation within Parliament Houses around the World

Community Development

Developing a collaborative community of public servants from different Parliaments and private entrepreneurs towards the legislative digital transformation.


Organising lectures with the most innovative Parliament Houses around the World in the digital transformation area