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Bússola Tech proudly presents the LegisTech Library, a unique digital hub specifically designed to cultivate the growth and development of the Legislative Community worldwide. As a facilitator of collaborative engagement, our focus is on providing a platform where experiences, wisdom, and knowledge can be exchanged freely, thereby promoting the progression of the Legislative Institutions towards modernisation and digital transformation.


LegisTech Library is not just a collection of videos; it is a meticulously curated tapestry of stories, each one recounting a distinctive journey of legislative modernisation advancements. The shared experiences and stories encapsulated within these videos are meant to inspire, educate, and catalyse effective action across the globe.


Commending the visionary leaders forging the path of legislative modernisation, we, at Bússola Tech, are simply privileged to provide the stage for their voices to echo, enlighten and inspire transformational action across Parliaments worldwide.
Our role at Bússola Tech is to provide a neutral, unbiased platform for these invaluable exchanges to occur, championing the drive towards a modern legislative institution for its Members, Staff and Citizens.

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