Forum 2020

Global Conference on Digital
Transformation in the Legislative

Connecting the Global
LegisTech community

The LegisTech Forum is a completely free event that was created to strengthen a global community for the digital transformation of legislative power.

Second Edition in October

In its second edition, in digital format this time, it has more than 24 hours of content, to discuss the next steps to be followed by Legislative Houses that opened their doors to technology, through remote deliberations. It was essential to consolidate the openness that was made possible by the Covid-19 pandemic needs for the construction of solutions that impact the quality of activities inherent to the legislative process and the inspection of the actions of the executive branch.

Ecosystem and Learning

Due to this, specialists from the Legislative Houses, Startups, Technology Companies, Government Relations Consultants, the Third Sector, and the Academy shared their views on lessons learned and what are the next steps that should be built up.

Collaborative Construction

All invited speakers, as well as the audience, were be invited to collaboratively build understandings on topics discussed during the event so that this content can be shared with other Legislative Houses.

- Why people participated -

LegisTech Forum is a project from Bússola Tech done for the community LegisTech, which comprises public servants and legislators, private entrepreneurs LegisTech and others interested in the digital legislative transformation. The event was designed to add panels and pioneering actors to the agenda.

A Marathon of Digital Legislative Transformation

The LegisTech Forum featured
24h online debates, and about
50 Speakers from different countries,
divided into two days of debates.

From the organisational structure to the application of artificial intelligence

The panels of the LegisTech Forum were designed to provide the audience with a comprehensive view of topics ranging from the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Legislature to the benefits of interparliamentary cooperation.

A Collaborative Forum

The public will have several moments of interaction and, throughout the Forum, they were invited to collaboratively build a digital wall of ideas with their perceptions of each topic being debated.