The promotion of institutional modernisation and digital transformation in legislatures is a costly and risky proposition, which depends on highly technical staff, a robust digital transformation strategy and external partners in the civil society and the private sector.
Legislatures have important allies for its institutional modernisation and digital transformation in the civil society and in the private sector, bridging the parliamentary expertise from civil servants and staff to new and emerging technologies that could be used by the legislative institutions.
The modernisation of the legislative power is an unique realm of public innovation, and it requires specialised organisations and experts for its successful implementation.


The event will bring to light cutting-edge external experiences from the civil society and the private sector in the modernisation of the legislative houses from 12 different Countries


The access to this series is exclusive for legislative houses, both National and Subnational.

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You will discover new approaches and tools for the common challenges in the digital transformation of legislative activities being developed in 12 different Countries.

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If you are a civil servant, parliamentary staff or a member in the legislative, you can subscribe in the platform to watch. 

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