LegisTech: Asia and Pacific - 2nd Edition

June, 15th

Building together the paths for digital transformation and institutional modernisation

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About the Conference

The 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of LegisTech Asia and Pacific is a distinguished gathering of thought leaders and public officials from across the region, providing a unique platform to engage in essential dialogues on the role of digital transformation in shaping the future of legislation. This event unites experienced participants from a variety of legislative assemblies who bring a wealth of knowledge to the discussion on key areas of legislative modernisation.
The discourse weaves through topics including crafting a resilient legal framework to enable modernisation and the critical role of technology in promoting legislative transparency. The conversation culminates in an exploration of initial steps towards drafting a modernisation strategy in parliaments, creating a pragmatic roadmap for a more effective, innovative, and inclusive future.
LegisTech Asia and Pacific aims to stimulate international dialogue and collaboration, driving our collective pursuit of modernisation and innovation in the legislative realm.
We invite you to join us in this transformative journey, shaping the future of legislation in the digital era. You can be part of the conversation from wherever you are – simply subscribe to our virtual platform.


The 2nd Edition of LegisTech Asia and Pacific is specially tailored to cater to civil servants, parliamentary staff, Members of Parliament, and individuals closely associated with the legislative body. Our event is a nexus of thought leaders who are actively engaged in legislative processes and who understand the importance of digital transformation in modernizing and streamlining legislative procedures.

Participant Organisations

Parliament of Thailand

Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel

House of Representatives of Indonesia

Centre for International Law and Siyar


Parlamento Nacional de Timor-Leste


National Assembly of Pakistan

Xcential Legislative Technologies

Parliament of Sri Lanka

Bússola Tech

Institute for Political Reform and Democracy



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09 am (Brasilia Time)


The Legal Framework in Parliament to Enable Modernisation

10 am (Brasília Time)


Integration of Legislative Systems to Enable Legislative Transparency

09 pm (Brasília Time)


First Steps in Drafting a Modernisation Strategy in Parliaments

11 pm (Brasília Time)

iLegis Keynote

Strategic Partners