A.I. in Parliaments

July, 6th

LegisTech: AI in Parliaments | How it was

About the Conference

The 1st Edition

“LegisTech: AI in Parliaments” was a distinguished symposium inviting esteemed representatives from Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures from different regions and parliamentary systems. This gathering, carefully curated by Bússola Tech, seeked to facilitate discussions between practitioners on the nuanced interplay of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Legislative Modernisation Efforts.


The event was a journey to foster Inter-Parliamentary debate about this important theme, encapsulating the multifaceted relationship between AI and Parliaments. Delving into AI’s role in parliaments is imperative as it has the potential to revolutionise the legislative process, creating a more efficient, transparent, and responsive democratic institution.


This event was specially tailored to cater to civil servants, parliamentary staff, Members of Parliament, and individuals closely associated with the legislative body. Our event was a nexus of thought leaders who are actively engaged in legislative processes and who understand the importance of digital transformation in modernizing and streamlining legislative procedures.

Participant Organisations

Senado Federal do Brasil

Hellenic Parliament

European Parliament

Câmara dos Deputados do Brasil

NovaWorks Australia

Università di Bologna



Xcential Legislative Technologies

Bússola Tech


U.S. Senate

NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures)

Drafting Office of the States of Jersey


8 am (Washington, DC Time)

AI-Powered Modernization: Helping to enhance the Resilience of the Legislative Institutions

8:10 am (Washington, DC Time)


Regulation and Governance of Artificial Intelligence in its usage in Parliaments

9:30 am (Washington, DC Time)


Data Governance in Parliaments

11 am (Washington, DC Time)


Artificial Intelligence Applied to Legislative Archives

12:30 pm (Washington, DC Time)

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Legislative Drafting

Strategic Partners