The Priorities for the Digital Transformation of Legislative Drafting

June, 29th

11:00 (GMT-3 – time in Brazil)

10:00 (GMT-4 – time in Washington, DC)

07:00am (time in California)

About the Event

Bússola Tech hosts a discussion on “The Priorities for the Digital Transformation of Legislative Drafting” on June 29th, 2023. The debate will commence at 11:00 (GMT-3 – time in Brazil), 10:00 (GMT-4 – time in Washington, DC), and 07:00am (time in California), offering an engaging and educational deep dive into the future of legislative drafting.

Over the course of 60 minutes, the esteemed participants, including Mr. Matt McGhie from the U.S. Senate, Dr. Fotios Fitsilis from the Hellenic Parliament, and Mr. Ari Hershowitz from, will participate in a dialogue in English, bringing their unique expertise to the fore. The discussion is moderated by Mr. Luís Kimaid from Bússola Tech.

The conversation will commence with thoughtfully crafted questions exploring the multifaceted process of legislative drafting and the role of digital transformation in addressing its challenges. The discussion will highlight the potential of technology in ensuring accuracy, managing amendments, ensuring legal compliance, and fostering collaboration among drafters.

A significant portion of the debate will concentrate on how strategic digital transformation can enhance accuracy, consistency, and ensure legal compliance within legislative drafting. Our panelists will also investigate the promise of digital tools, particularly XML standards, in transitioning from traditional paper-based systems to enhance accessibility and transparency.

One of the highlights of the debate promises to be a vision into the future. Our panelists will discuss the potential features they anticipate in new technologies tailored to legislative drafting, exploring how emerging technologies could revolutionise this intricate process.

Each speaker will share their valuable insights during the debate and conclude with their final thoughts on the digital transformation of legislative drafting. It promises to be an intellectually stimulating and enlightening dialogue.


Luís Kimaid

Bússola Tech

Ari Hershowitz

Fotios Fitsilis

Hellenic Parliament

Matt McGhie

U.S. Senate

John Pollock

U.S. Senate

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