Procedural Changes in the Modernisation of Parliaments

June, 23rd

2:00 pm (GMT-3 – time in Brazil and Uruguay)

1:00 pm (GMT-4 – time in Ottawa),

10:00 am (time in California)

About the Event

Join us on June 23rd, 2023, for a riveting discussion, “Procedural Changes in the Modernisation of Parliaments,” hosted by Bússola Tech. This thought-provoking debate will unfold at 14:00 (GMT-3 – time in Brazil and Uruguay), 13:00 (GMT-4 – time in Ottawa), and 10:00am (time in California), offering a unique and enlightening perspective into the evolving world of parliamentary procedures.


For a duration of 60 minutes, our seasoned speakers will delve into a multilingual dialogue in both English and Spanish, illuminating the many facets involved in parliamentary modernisation. Through a series of thoughtfully crafted questions, they will unpack the strategic considerations needed to enhance legislative modernisation while simultaneously increasing citizen participation and improving the user experience.


A major part of the conversation will focus on the balancing act between preserving procedural traditions and making these procedures simpler and more accessible for all stakeholders. Our panelists will explore effective strategies for validating and iterating procedural rules, ensuring their interpretability and respect for tradition in a rapidly changing legislative context.


One of the highlights of the debate promises to be an exploration into the potential role of generative AI tools within the parliamentary framework. This discussion will address the possible challenges and suggest viable strategies to ensure a harmony between innovation and procedural integrity.


Each panelist will contribute their invaluable insights during the debate and wrap up with their concluding thoughts. It promises to be an engaging and intellectually enriching discourse.


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the nuances of parliamentary modernisation and understand the crucial role procedural changes play in this transformative process. We are looking forward to welcoming all interested individuals to join us in this enlightening debate.


Luís Kimaid

Bússola Tech

Wade Ballou

U.S. House of Representatives

Alisha Todd


José Pedro Montero

Cámara de Senadores de Uruguay

Ari Hershowitz

Strategic Partners