Data Interoperability and Digital Integration: Integrating Parliamentary Resources and Information

July, 20th

10 am (GMT-3 | Brasilia Time) 

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About the Event

Bússola Tech presents an engaging and insightful panel discussion on “Data Interoperability and Digital Integration: Integrating Parliamentary Resources and Information.” This conversation, moderated by the Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil, will delve into the intricate world of open data use, the challenges and difficulties it presents, especially when integrating data from various legislative houses.


With an international panel consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Justice of Israel, the Cámara de Diputados of Mexico, NovaWorks Australia, and the Senado Federal of Brazil, the discussion will weave through various important facets of data interoperability and digital integration.


Expect a journey that delves into the conundrums faced when manipulating open data, highlighting the specific intricacies that emerge while consolidating data from distinct legislative entities. The discussion will also touch upon the OpenAPI standard, taking a critical look at its applications beyond its traditional use case in API documentation.


Web standards and their role in improving interoperability are central to the discussion. The discourse will also traverse the area of standardisation in the realm of interoperability, evaluating its application and pondering the possible discrepancies in the proposed standards, as reflected in the lack of uniformity in open data systems.


The panel will provide a deep dive into the role of Artificial Intelligence in comprehending and navigating these standards. As we delve into these issues, the panellists will share their encounters with interoperability standards, offering a unique perspective from their own experiences.


Towards the end, we will cast a retrospective look at the “Semantic Web” technologies such as RDF, which although heavily advocated by the W3C in the late 90s, have seemingly lost their appeal. The discussion will aim to unravel the reasons behind this trend, questioning if these technologies failed to provide a durable solution to the issues of interoperability and discoverability.


This promises to be an insightful discussion, unravelling the myriad nuances of data interoperability and digital integration, marking a crucial event for those at the cutting edge of digital transformation in Parliaments.



Fabricio Rocha

Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil

Elhanan Schwartz

Ministry of Justice of Israel

Bruno Rosas Fernández

Cámara de Diputados of Mexico

Jonathan Ruckert

NovaWorks Australia

Florian Madruga

Senado Federal of Brazil

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