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Bússola Tech is the platform that promotes the community for the digital transformation in the legislative power in more than 30 countries. Our goal is to create a collaborative environment within the LegisTech ecosystem, connecting the Legislative Houses, their civil servants and private entrepreneurs.

When writing for Bússola Tech, your ideas and expertise will be available to highly influential legislative civil servants around the world, which will bring recognition from your colleagues and the expansion of your network.


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If your article proposal is selected, our team has professionals who will guide you on how to transform it into an even more complete and accessible article for different legislative audiences. All submitted and approved articles will be shared with lawmakers from around the world, with English and Portuguese.



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Format Tips

Case Report

A descriptive article, with a high level of detail of solutions and projects developed. Include as much detail and external links to your article.



Concept Description

For when you want the theoretical basis that supports the analysis of the situation, challenges and solutions. Try to bring quotes, but remember to do it in an easy and pleasant way for reading.



Use this option to explain quick concepts, elaborate questions that you understand to be relevant, and use the answers to build your argument. We recommend this option for quick conceptualisation or description, which does not require further elaboration.


Step by Step for project implementation

Share the recipe on how to implement a practical project. Use a level of detail equal to or greater than in the Case Report, but add day-to-day information that can help your colleagues follow the same path you followed.



An article where you use the space to analyse a challenge, or a solution. Corroborate your opinion with data, and try to build your argument on facts of public knowledge.


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We prioritize articles from:

Civil servants of the legislative branch and LegisTech entrepreneurs.

Written with a focus on the digital transformation of the legislative power, as well as themes that support the digital transformation in the legislative.

Written by members of Bússola Tech platform. You can register on the platform here.