Transcending Boundaries: Enhancing International Collaboration in Legislative Research through a Unified Online Platform

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Comparative law plays a vital role in understanding the legal frameworks of various jurisdictions, making the work of legislative researchers or comparativists integral to this process. However, the complexity and diversity of global legal systems present significant challenges, including language barriers, foreign legal technicalities, and the availability of relevant literature. In response to these challenges, the Library of Congress of Chile (BCN) has proposed an innovative solution.


The Library of Congress of Chile (BCN) and Its Role in Legislative Research


The BCN has been pivotal in providing access to comprehensive legal information within Chile. It offers an efficient legal database, “Ley Chile”, which provides free access to all acts and regulations currently in force in Chile. In addition to this, the BCN hosts related databases, such as the legislative history of each act and a legislative information system from the Chilean Senate. While these resources are invaluable, the BCN acknowledges the difficulties in seeking legal information on the internet, particularly when dealing with different jurisdictions. As a solution, the BCN proposes a collaborative research online tool.


Collaborative Research Online Tool: A Step Towards Global Legislative Collaboration


The proposed online tool is technological, homogeneous, collaborative, and universally accessible. It aims to create information nodes, not just isolated legal data, facilitating comprehensive access to legal and legislative processes in each jurisdiction. The BCN’s Bioethics Program serves as a model for this project, with its aim to establish a node between various stakeholders involved in bioethical issues at national and Latin American levels.


Operationalization of the Proposed Online Tool


To implement the proposed online tool effectively, a website that brings together all the jurisdictions involved in the project is suggested. It would provide an organised repository of information, which would be easily accessible by researchers. The system would be supported by an information repository using the standardised communications protocol Open Archives Initiative (OAI) to exchange data.




The initiative undertaken by the BCN presents a promising solution to the challenges currently faced by comparativists in accessing and interpreting legal information on the internet. The proposed online tool signifies a step towards enhancing international collaboration in legislative research. However, the development and implementation of this tool require the active participation and expertise of lawyers, librarians, IT professionals, and comparativists from different countries. As such, it presents an open invitation for collaboration and contribution to this endeavour, aiming to transcend boundaries in the realm of legislative research.

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