The Crucial Role of NovaWorks' e-Parliament Solution in the Digital Transformation of Parliamentary Procedures

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In the ever-evolving sphere of technological development, legislatures must clearly understand their needs, similarities, and regional characteristics. This understanding underscores that there is still much to be studied, particularly in the realm of digital transformation. NovaWorks, a legislative technology provider, stands as an example of how the private sector can profoundly impact parliamentary procedures.


The e-Parliament solution, a comprehensive system integrating AI, web-based technology, and document management systems, has been a pivotal force in this transformation. This paper will explore the intricacies of NovaWorks’ digital solutions and the fundamental role they play in revolutionising parliamentary functions, citizen interactions, and the overall legislative experience.


The Role of Private Institutions in the Modernisation of Parliaments:


Private sector providers, such as NovaWorks, can play an important role as allies of legislative institutions, helping them to reduce the risk attached to digital transformation, improve internal and external user experiences, and develop solutions quickly. This relationship allows legislative IT teams to be reallocated to positions that specifically require their expertise.


Modernisation of Parliamentary Operations:


NovaWorks’ e-Parliament solution embodies the transformative power of digital technology in parliamentary procedures. The suite digitises operations, enhances flexibility, and improves transparency in processes such as voting and content distribution. The e-voting module, for instance, allows members to vote either in-chamber or remotely, ensuring a secure, tamper-proof process, while the integrated AI tools assist in digitising archival data.


Digital Petitions and Public Engagement:


The e-petitions module is a testament to NovaWorks’ commitment to fostering public engagement. It provides a streamlined platform for stakeholders, staff, and the public to initiate petitions on specific issues. This tool not only allows customization of submission requirements but also meticulously tracks the number of signatures and generates comprehensive reports, further promoting a culture of accountability and transparency within the parliamentary system.


Artificial Intelligence in Parliamentary Operations:


The e-Parliament solution by NovaWorks applies innovative technologies, with artificial intelligence being one of them, to tackle complex challenges in parliamentary procedures. A key issue addressed by these technologies, as we mentioned in the previous section is the interpretation and digitisation of historical archives, some dating back to the 1800s. Often presented in physical formats with handwritten notes and language evolutions, these archives present a complex problem. However, NovaWorks has successfully mitigated this by prioritising fairness, accountability, and transparency in their technology implementations.


These innovative technologies also play a critical role in managing vast volumes of data, enabling detailed analysis to detect legislative trends over time and connect related decisions. This functionality aids in the understanding of the evolution of National Assemblies and optimises the review of large volumes of public submissions on specific topics. With the help of automated content summarization and keyword flagging for moderation review, inappropriate content is quickly identified and addressed.


In the realm of accessibility and citizen engagement, these technologies have shown significant advantages. In multilingual parliaments, they assist in creating bilingual transcripts and providing live translations during live-streamed sessions, and even performing live captions, a requirement in some countries. By making parliamentary proceedings more accessible, they help in reaching a wider community and fostering extensive citizen engagement.


Moreover, these technologies contribute to enhancing transparency and accountability in parliamentary procedures. They can highlight questions raised in Parliament and link them to corresponding answers, ensuring no question remains unanswered. They also aid clerks in rapidly finding information, allowing them to pull up precedents, even those occurring once in 120 years, and providing real-time data during parliamentary debates. 


In conjunction with other digital tools, these innovative technologies offer a wide range of practical applications and are actively shaping the future of parliamentary operations.


Centralisation and Personalisation of Parliamentary Data:


One of the key innovations of NovaWorks’ solutions is the parliamentary portal, a digital tool that centralises and personalises parliamentary data. This portal integrates a variety of modules, including transcription, questions, committees, broadcasting, and daily program management. The members’ module, for example, offers features such as personalised dashboards, member detail tracking, and activity logging, optimising each member’s interaction with parliamentary procedures and data.




The e-Parliament solution by NovaWorks has emerged as an important force in the digital evolution of parliamentary procedures. Through its comprehensive suite of tools and services, it facilitates the seamless transition of legislative operations into the digital era. The solution not only streamlines operations and enhances the flexibility of parliamentary procedures but also significantly improves transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement. Private sector providers like NovaWorks are important allies in the modernisation of Parliaments, with its expertise, innovative solutions, and risk management to legislative institutions.


The application of AI and other innovative technologies to complex challenges in parliamentary operations, such as the digitalisation of historical archives and management of vast volumes of data, has proven immensely beneficial. This functionality supports the understanding of legislative trends, improves the review process for public submissions, and enhances accessibility and citizen engagement.


The development of the parliamentary portal, a tool that centralises and personalises parliamentary data, further exemplifies NovaWorks’ commitment to improving the legislative experience. By offering a range of features, including personalised dashboards and member detail tracking, the portal optimises each member’s interaction with parliamentary procedures and data.


In conclusion, the role of NovaWorks and its e-Parliament solution for the digital transformation of Parliaments cannot be overstated. As we continue to explore the potential of such digital solutions within diverse legislative contexts, it’s evident that NovaWorks is at the forefront of this digital revolution. The company’s contributions to the sector serve as a testament to the crucial role the private sector can play in facilitating digital transformation and shaping the future of parliamentary operations.

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