The 5-Year Digital Parliament Development Plan (2018-2022): A Transformational Blueprint for the Parliament of Thailand

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Published on: May, 2023


Introduction: Navigating the Digital Shift


At the turn of the 21st century, the global shift towards a digital economy and society has signalled a decisive transformation that nations must navigate. Thailand, in response to this crucial turn, is pioneering efforts to harness the potential of these emerging paradigms. The role of information technology, characterised by cutting-edge developments such as the internet, cloud computing, big data analytics, mobile computing, and social networks, is central to this transformation. These elements have redefined the economic landscape, thus challenging organisations to augment their competencies and deepen their technology-oriented knowledge.


The Parliament of Thailand: Leading the Charge


Thailand’s Parliament, formally known as the National Assembly, has demonstrated initiative by proactively engaging with this transformative process. It recognises the value and potential of information technology in shaping governance and legislative processes. To this end, it maintains dedicated information technology agencies, tasked with key administrative functions and the upkeep of critical digital infrastructure and information systems. The Secretariat of the House of Representatives and the Secretariat of the Senate, backed by parliamentary budgets, undertake these tasks, illustrating a clear commitment to investing in technology.


The 5-Year Digital Parliament Development Plan (2018-2022): A Blueprint for Digital Transformation


In the spirit of fostering digital adaptation and harnessing the power of technology, the National Assembly developed the 5-Year Digital Parliament Development Plan (2018-2022). The plan is designed as a systematic framework for evaluating and enhancing the information technology capabilities of parliamentary offices. Moreover, it aligns with Thailand’s broader vision as outlined in the country’s 20-year National Strategy of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability. This strategic coherence underlines the holistic approach the government is taking to embed digital capacities across all spheres of governance.


Three Key Strategies: Envisioning the Digital Parliament


The vision of the 5-Year Digital Parliament Development Plan is clear: to create a Digital Parliament that can harness digital technology to its fullest extent for infrastructure development, innovation, information dissemination, human capital enhancement, and resource management. This vision manifests through three key strategies, each with specific tactical steps and strategic goals.


The first strategy aims to develop an integrated parliamentary system and database. This will be accomplished by creating an interconnected information system and developing information services that offer accurate and updated information to stakeholders and the public.


The second strategy focuses on infrastructure and technology security. It targets the development of the parliamentary information and communication technology infrastructure and security system, intending to meet international standards for universal and equal services.


Finally, the third strategy aims to promote information literacy among members of Parliament and parliamentary personnel. This will involve developing competencies, promoting the use of information and communication technology, and supporting research and development in innovation and technology.


Conclusion: Towards a Digitally Empowered Parliament


Overall, the 5-Year Digital Parliament Development Plan (2018-2022) represents a forward-thinking approach towards digitally empowering the Parliament of Thailand. By developing a comprehensive framework, the plan lays the groundwork for transforming the way the parliament operates, in line with global digital trends and national strategic vision. With its clear vision and strategic execution, the Parliament is on course to becoming an exemplary digital parliament, leading the way in a digitally driven economy and society.

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