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Embracing Transparency in Legislative Institutions: Insights from U.S. Congressman James McGovern, Former Brazilian Senator Antonio Anastasia, and FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang


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Transparency and public involvement in legislative institutions are crucial components of a healthy democracy. As technology continues to advance, governments and political leaders must explore how to harness its potential to improve access to information on legislative activities and enhance communication between different government bodies, capital markets, and the public. In a conversation featuring U.S. Congressman James McGovern, former Brazilian Senator Antonio Anastasia, and FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang, the participants discussed the importance of transparency, the role of technology, and strategies to combat fake news in the legislative process.


The Importance of Transparency and Public Involvement


FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang initiated the conversation, focusing on transparency and the involvement of the public in legislative institutions. He explored the role of technology in improving access to information on legislative activities and enhancing communication between different government bodies and capital markets.


Harnessing Technology for Better Public Information


Congressman James McGovern emphasized the importance of accurate information dissemination and making legislative information more accessible to media organizations and the public. He pointed out the need for a system-wide approach and commitment to improve accessibility and transparency in the legislative process.


Broadcasting Legislative Activities in Brazil


Former Senator Antonio Anastasia highlighted the unique approach of the Brazilian Senate and House of Representatives, which includes open television channels and radio stations to broadcast live debates and committee meetings. This level of transparency facilitates access to information and enables citizens to stay well-informed about legislative activities in real-time.


Fighting Fake News and Ensuring Transparency


Both McGovern and Anastasia underscored the need to combat the spread of fake news with factual information and a strong communication structure. Anastasia mentioned the importance of fighting misinformation quickly and effectively through various media channels, including television, radio, and digital platforms.


The Role of Transparency in Strengthening Democracy


Tim Hwang emphasized the significance of transparency in three different contexts: the robustness of democracy and accountability, interactions between government agencies, and interactions between public agencies and capital markets. He acknowledged the ongoing efforts to improve transparency and information access despite the challenges posed by Covid-19.




In conclusion, the discussion with Congressman James McGovern, Former Senator Antonio Anastasia, and FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang highlighted the critical role of transparency in the legislative process. Embracing technology and creating effective communication structures can help fight fake news, improve public access to information, and ultimately strengthen democracy. The ongoing efforts to improve transparency in legislative institutions serve as a positive step towards a more informed and engaged society.

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