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Digitally Transforming the Parliamentary Process: The Case of Mongolia's State Great Hural

State Great Hural

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The case of Mongolia’s State Great Hural provides a compelling example of a Parliament undergoing a substantial digital transformation. This transformation aims to make the legislative process more accessible, inclusive, and participatory for the citizens of Mongolia, and is an important step towards an open Parliament. This initiative is significant not only for Mongolia but also offers insightful lessons for governments and parliaments around the world seeking to adopt a more digitally integrated approach to their legislative process.


Transformation Process


The journey towards digital transformation was set in motion by the confirmation of a budget dedicated to the digitalisation of the whole parliamentary process. The result was a digital system that opened the doors of the legislative process to all citizens. This initiative is particularly significant as it allows every citizen above the age of 16 to participate in the legislation process, thereby promoting inclusivity and democracy.


The digital transformation initiative has seen a significant international response. Citizens from approximately 35 countries around the world have participated in this digital legislative process, demonstrating the global reach and influence of this initiative.


Key Features of the Digital System


One of the most striking aspects of the digital transformation is the development of an innovative digital system. This system, called the ‘Parliament System’, is equipped with toolbars that add functionality to the platform. The first toolbar is the deliberative function, which allows for the discussion of various legislative matters.


The second toolbar is the e-petition system. In July, the Parliament of Mongolia confirmed the e-petition law. According to this law, if a petition gains the support of 33,000 citizens, it will be discussed in Parliament. If the number of supporters reaches 100,000, the proposal will be debated in the plenary session. This system empowers citizens and ensures their voices are heard at the highest level of government.


Another significant feature, the deliberative function toolbar, is set to be added in October. This feature will enable the random selection of participants from across Mongolia to contribute to the deliberation process.


The Impact of Technology Utilisation


Mongolia’s readiness for a digital Parliament is rooted in its significant internet connectivity and smartphone usage. Approximately 80% of the Mongolian population is connected to the internet, with an estimated 84.7% using smartphones. These figures are indicative of the readiness and eagerness of the Mongolian population to engage in a digitalised democratic process.


The Future of Digital Parliament


The vision of an open Parliament extends to the internal workings of the Parliament. The implementation of an ERP system is in progress to streamline the daily internal jobs of the Parliament and its managers.


The current parliament, elected by the people of Mongolia, has chosen to focus on the digital transformation of the Parliament from 2020 to 2024. Alongside this, they have opened the digital signature for every citizen of Mongolia, reflecting the commitment to digital transformation and innovation in the legislative process.




Mongolia’s State Great Hural’s digital transformation is an inspiring case of how digital technology can be harnessed to make the legislative process more open and inclusive. This commitment to digital transformation and the innovative measures undertaken provide a valuable model for other parliaments and governments worldwide. The success of this initiative is a testament to the potential of digital technology to revolutionise the democratic process and bring it closer to the people it serves.

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