Tips to
Write an

Bússola Tech recommendations to write an impactful article

This page provides recommendations for you to write robust articles that impact a large number of people around the globe about the Legislative Power.

Choose an article template that best meets your objective and that best serves to share your idea.

  • Case Report: A descriptive article, with a high level of detail of solutions and projects developed. Include as much detail and external links to your article. We recommend the length does not exceed 12,000 characters, or 6 pages. 

  • Concept Description: For when you want the theoretical basis that supports the analysis of the challenges and solutions. Try to bring quotes, but remember to do it in an easy and pleasant way for reading. We recommend that its size does not exceed 12,000 characters, or 6 pages. 

  • Questions and Answers: Use this option to explain quick concepts, elaborate questions that you understand to be relevant, and use the answers to build your argument. We recommend this option for quick conceptualisation or description, which does not require further elaboration. We recommend that your length does not exceed 3,000 characters, or 3 pages.

  • Step by Step for project implementation: Share the recipe for how to implement a practical project. Use a level of detail equal to or greater than in the Case Report, but add day-to-day information that can help your colleagues follow the same path you followed. We recommend that your length does not exceed 6,000 characters, or 3 pages.

  • Opinion: an article where you use the space to analyse a challenge, or a solution. Corroborate your opinion with data and try to build your argument on facts of public knowledge. 3000 characters, or 3 pages.

Be objective

  • At the beginning of your article, explain the ideas you want to elaborate throughout the text. 

  • Use short, objective sentences 

  • Make short paragraphs with organised topics.

  • Try to put conclusive sentences at the end of each idea.

Support your argument

  • Try to use data when possible.

  • Use publicly available information.

  • Bring examples of concrete cases that support your idea, whenever possible.

Language and form of writing

  • Keep in mind that your article will be read by civil servants from around the world who may not understand your reality. Be explanatory, even though it may seem redundant. 

  • Avoid using technical terms, as each Legislative House has its own language. If it is necessary to use a technical term, explain it in the text or hyperlink for an explanation.

  • Use simple, accessible language.